Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Apparently I'm Developing a Reputation

Cheese Update: For this afternoon's cheese day at work I picked up some Belgian goat cheese with honey, some Huntsman, and some St. Andre. Also, for Thanksgiving, I picked up seven different cheeses, way too many for the number of people I will be having dinner with that night, especially since I'm also bringing some smoked fish.

Here's the real cheese update: At RedHat there is a lot of business/internal communication through IRC channels (rather than email lists, which is what I'm more used to). Since I don't use IRC at all ever in my real life I'm having a hard time getting used to monitoring this, especially since there are separate channels for each development group plus my own department plus my office. Today on the channel used for discussing the project I'm documenting somebody mentioned my name, in the context of "you need to let Steven know about doc issues". Which, by the way, is great. Hooray! I'm in the consciousness now, having sent out a series of questing emails and even a main draft of a new manual. (I may not get responses, but at least people know I exist.) In response one of the main developers for the project, who is based in England, responded "MrCheese". Followed by "That should be his nick!".

[Translation for the IRC-impaired: This means that I should use the handle "MrCheese" to identify myself when I participate in conversations on that forum.]

Here's the question: Why does this guy in England know that I provide cheese for the Minneapolis office?

As soon as this came up, one of my co-workers came by to tell me my name was being bandied about on an IRC channel and to find out whether I was monitoring this. I wasn't, actually, but I am now. And then another co-worker came by and showed me how to change my nickname to MrCheese. Which I said I wanted some time to consider, since it changes my name on all my channels but he just leaned over my keyboard and changed my nickname anyway. Now I am MrCheese.

Slowly I am deciding that in time I will really enjoy working here. I'm still more at sea than I imagined I'd be after two months, but things like this bode very well.

And, just for the heck of it, here's the list of what I'm bringing for Thanksgiving:

- Some Pont L'Eveque, my new favorite stinky cheese
- For the expensive indulgence, a wheel of the Cowgirl Creamery Mount Tam triple cream
- A bit of cave-aged Gruyere. Not the amazing $23/pound stuff, but ok stuff for less than half that price.
- A bit of Italian Taleggio, the only soft stinky Italian cheese around, which is great with pears and honey.
- A small wheel, illustrated, of Wensleydale, for the kids and teenagers who all love Wallace and Gromit.
- A largish chunk of Double Gloucester
- A container of a local speciality, Donnay Dairy Chevre from Kimball MN: "the freshest chevre we've acquired". It seemed worth checking out.

I also bought some Bonny Doon Riesling and some Bonny Doon Chenin Blanc and a fruity Spanish Rioja, but I'm the only one at this Thanksgiving dinner who drinks much wine anyway (which is why I provide it). And I have some Minnesota Port for dessert.
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