Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

No-Stinky-Cheese Week.

This could start to get tedious after a while, but there were complaints the week I did not post about the weekly cheese tasting at my office so here we have it. This week's list is dull by intent. Here's the note I just sent to the office. Don't you wish you worked here?

As a special holiday treat, none of this week's (Tuesday's) cheeses are stinky. We also have a greater selection, but that's because they only had a quarter pound of two of the cheeses I wanted so I got extra kinds. Here's what we have:

- Some very fresh Donnay Dairy Chevre made in Kimball MN. Chevre can be pungent, but this stuff is very fresh and delicious and clean-tasting. Ok, I just smelled it, and it's not smell-free, and it has more of a slight bite than I remember, but I still say it's delicious. There's only a quarter-pound.

- Basic Gouda from Holland.

- Danish Tilsit, which is aged Havarti. It's a bit stronger and drier than Havarti, but it's still something you could find in a supermarket.

- A Spanish cheese called Drunken Goat, which is soaked in Red Wine. There are other, more pungent similar cheeses, but we'll work up to those in future weeks.

And just for the heck of it on my way out I picked up a package of Boursin, which is basically cream cheese with some garlic and herbs mixed in. It is really good spread over roast beef in a sandwich and readily available at the supermarket but hey, it suited this week's theme. Maybe I'll pick up some Ritz crackers for it.

In a couple of weeks we'll be reaching the point where we run out of cheeses I actually know, so everything will be a surprise for all of us. That's when the fun might really begin, if eating spoiled solidified milk is your idea of fun, as it is mine.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 2:30 pm.

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