Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Concentrated Time

As planned and as predicted, I'm having a socially concentrated couple of days on the east coast where I'm seeing many people in varyingly-sized groups and having a blast.

mrsmurphy18's long-running annual Christmas party is much enlivened by the fact that the children who attend have reached college age or nearly. The conversations range far and wide, the energy is high, there is much laughter, and the food is delicious as always. Five, six, seven hours go by and you are taken by surpise when it is suddenly time to leave.

It's time to leave, for me anyway, because tomorrow (that being yesterday) I have to catch a train into the city (yes, when I'm on the East Coast "the city" means one particular city) for the annual party of a group of my Brown friends. This year the timing of the holiday worked out so that over thirty people came. My college friend Sue Kahn, who doesn't live near and has only once or twice before been able to attend, showed up with her new husband of two months whose existence none of us were aware of. Sue said that her husband sometimes says to her, "How did you get to be this way?" (interpret as you will) and as they were heading into Joel's apartment building she said, "These are the people who made me this way." Hear hear!

This was a rare year when my friend Billy was able to attend, with his son who is now a sophomore at Brown. slyvermont and her husband richlysardonic came with their daughter kataline, who had only a week or so ago gotten into Brown and there was much rejoicing in the land. So that was part of the background fun of this party, but mostly it was just a good time with people I've known so long that to say I feel comfortable around them is an understatement.

In between I'm spending bits of time with my parents and my brother. Today I'm heading off for a Rockwellian Christmas dinner at mrsmurphy18's house. Tomorrow I take the train back into the city for a day with some livejournal bears. I'm enjoying the train rides. When you take the commuter train at non-commuter times the cars are not crowded and you have a nice quiet hour or so to sit and read, guiltfree. I need that quiet time between the gatherings.

My father makes me fresh-squeezed orange juice and fresh-ground coffee every morning.
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