Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Monsieur Spielberg, C'est Moi

Whenever my beard grows out just a little past the close-cropped
look I sometimes affect and I put on a cap, somebody stops me and
tells me how much I look like Steven Spielberg. I must be going
through one of those sartorially similar periods, because this
happened to me three times last weekend alone. (In retrospect
I realize that I must be wearing a cap for this resemblance
to be noted, but I always wear a cap when I go out bar-hopping
so perhaps this is why the gosh-you-look-like-him comments have
been increasing of late. The new slightly-funky glasses seem
to encourage this as well)

Two years ago, on a trip to Amsterdam, somebody stopped his car
in the street (blocking traffic, of course, this being Amsterdam),
convinced that I was Steven Spielberg. Pulling my braid around to
the front usually ends those conversations, but this guy wanted
to talk to me further, and we had a fine time until the beeping
cars behind us got angry. (At that point the driver pulled over
to the side up the road and we continued our chat.)

I do see where this comes from, although I was convinced that in
person I would look nothing like the man. And then a few years
ago Steven Spielberg received an honorary degree from Brown University
and I had the opportunity to walk mere feet in front of him. I
figured this would set in my mind once and for all that there is
no actual resemblance, but no. In person, to my eyes, he looked
a lot more like me than he does in photographs. Clearly we share
an ethnicity. If we were a gay couple. we would be the sort of gay
couple that winds up looking more and more like each other each

Often this (in reality slight) resemblance leads to the opportunity
for me to strike up a conversation with a stranger, which is good.
Some have suggested that I use this resemblance to get good tables
and cash bad checks in Hollywood, but somehow I think that wouldn't
work, as I am rarely surrounded by an entourage and thus would convince
nobody in Hollywood.

Anyway, we do seem to be going through a Spielbergian period right
now. Mostly I like this, or at least find it useful.
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