Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Visiting with the Nephews

I have two young nephews, just-six and almost-three, whom I do not get to see very much since they live near New Paltz New York and I live in Minneapolis. When I was in New Jersey last week my brother and his family came down to spend the day with me and my parents. I hadn't seen Sam and Gideon in a year.

We had a full day, one that included a small birthday party for Sam whose actual birthday is Christmas day. We played some games and told some stories. So here I have three pictures, taken by my father and my sister-in law.

Me and Gideon, being silly:

Me and Sam, playing with the robotmen balance toy I gave him, in front of my father's Irish harp in my parents' living room:

Me, Gideon, Sam, and a lamp that belonged to my grandmother:

That's the family slide show for today.
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