Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Does anyone use the adjective "darling" any more?

I came across this saccharine-seeming children's book on eBay today:

This title tickles me -- I think because it's meant to be clever-cute but it winds up being just a bit too much, especially in combination with the picture of the absurdly dressed twins. It has the air of slightly soured milk to it.

It sets me to thinking of the year at the end of college when I lived in a house of silly guys. There was an old British children's book in the living room that included a listing of other books by the same author. One of these other books was Water Rat's Picnic. We talked about that book all year. We told versions of the story at the dinner table. To our minds the notion of a sweet little tale about a water rat was somewhat misplaced. A water rat? On a picnic?

I have long since found a copy of Water Rat's Picnic -- it turns out to be something of a classic and has often been reprinted. Still, it seems the stuff of nightmares to me.

I've been considering what the other titles in the "Danny and Fanny" series must have been:

Danny and Fanny and their Accountant Manny

Danny and Fanny and their Queer Pal Trannie Annie

Danny, Fanny, and their Uncanny Granny

Danny, Fanny, Trannie Annie, Granny and the Pakistani Nanny

But then they stumbled upon the water rat's picnic and ran home screaming.
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